Tour Edge Exotics Wingman Wedge
Tour Edge Exotics Wingman Wedge
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Tour Edge Exotics Wingman Wedge



PRECISION MILLED SOLE GRINDS - The sole is uniquely milled into three different grinds: an F/S Grind for a Firm Turf/Sweeping Path tendency player (6°/8° Bounce), a M/N Grind for a player with a Medium Turf/Neutral Path (10° Bounce) and a S/D Grind for a Softer Turf/Digging Path tendency player (12°/14° Bounce).

The F/S 'Firm Sweeper' plays on predominantly firm ground and/or has a sweeping attack angle at the ball. Firm ground conditions and/or a shallower sweeping path require less bounce on the sole of the wedge to minimize turf interaction. 

The M/N 'Mid Neutral' plays on predominantly medium firm ground (or a variety of firm and soft ground) and/or has a neutral attack angle at the ball. Medium ground conditions and/or a neutral attack angle benefit from mid bounce on the sole of the wedge. 

The S/D 'Soft Digger' plays on predominantly soft ground and/or has a deep, digging attack angle at the ball. Soft ground conditions and/or a digging attack angle require more bounce on the sole of the wedge to assist the wedge from digging into the turf.

VIBRCOR TECHNOLOGY POCKETS - Deep undercut pockets were machined to house the proprietary VIBRCOR performance TPU. VIBRCOR creates a distinct feel at impact that dampens sound and shock, while also increasing the MOI and perimeter weighting of the wedge that adds forgiveness.

MILLED HIGH-TOE PAD DESIGN - The “winged” weight pad on the toe creates a higher Center of Gravity for lower launch and greater spin. The High-Toe Pad holds the face slightly open to optimize the face angle from full shots to flop shots. This works in perfect conjunction with the offset design to deliver more accuracy and control. The High-Toe wing progresses in thickness as loft increases to maintain ideal launch performance through each loft.

TRIPLE-TRACTION MILLED FACE TECHNOLOGY - The new Triple-Traction Face technology features three milled areas on the face: milled grooves, milled micro-grooves in between the scoring lines and milled toe lines. The larger strike area on a face is 10% larger than a traditional wedge, boosting spin in every condition and allowing for added versatility and creativity from your wedge play.

CONSTANT OFFSET DESIGN INSPIRED BY BERNHARD LANGER - One of the major keys to the Wingman’s forgiving nature is the 3.0mm constant offset applied to the design.

Hall of Famer Bernhard Langer was instrumental in the design of the Wingman Wedge. A strong proponent of the benefits of offset technology in wedges, Langer is adamant about the performance benefits it offers both professionals and amateurs alike.

The offset in a wedge automatically keeps your hands forward in front of the leading edge. This promotes more of a downward strike that eliminates improper lift at impact that leads to inefficient wedge play. Offset is rare in wedges, and even more so in forged wedges. It presents the bounce in a more ideal angle to the turf that lends to cleaner contact and ease of control, especially with inconsistent wedge swings.

Langer has already put Wingman wedges in his bag on the PGA TOUR Champions and is raving about their accuracy and ease of use that he looks for in his wedges.

ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTING- A 5-gram weight installed in the middle of the VIBRCOR pockets allows for swing weight adjustability. Other weights are available in 2.5 grams, 7.5 grams, 10 grams and 12.5 grams to dial in swing weight and feel for perfected customization.

STOCK SHAFT- DYNAMIC GOLD 115 WEDGE SHAFT- The Dynamic Gold 115 wedge shaft is designed as a lightweight alternative to the #1 wedge shaft in the history of the game. Dynamic Gold 115 is a mid-low launch and spin wedge shaft.

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